I know of a place

I know of a place,
where the river runs crimson,
where there a beast,
who seems oh so handsome.

He glides as he walks,
seeming oh so seductive,
Takes over your time,
makng you think it productive

I know of a place,
where a beast comes to stay,
brings over his cousin,
and they never go away

His name is depression,
and hers is anxiety,
together they’re slowly
taking over society

I know of a place,
where the voices are loud,
screaming and shouting,
all i want to do is be found

To just be happy,
for even just a moment,
to just smile and say
im free from this torment

I know of place
where we all pretend,
like everything is perfect,
theres nothing to mend.

If only we all,
could be brave one more time,
let everyone know,
whats on our hearts and minds.

I wish for a place,
we could admit,
that we’re all a little broken,
but we won’t ever quit.

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