Love isn’t for the…

Love isn’t for the broken,
the ones beyond repair,
as much as they deserve it,
life just isn’t fair.

Love isn’t for the damaged,
who fail to see,
how precious they are,
and how life should truly be

Love isn’t for the impaired,
who can’t even love themself,
nor for the one
who has poor health.

Love isn’t for the afflicted,
who come with baggage and pain,
the nightmares, the crying,
tears falling faster than monsoon rain.

Love isn’t for the fragemented,
broken hearts that can’t be mended,
say im broken, its hurts,
the one whose always offended

Love isn’t for the shattered,
who can’t find the will to exist,
honey, you’re despressing,
you’re bad vibes, the easiest to resist.

Love is for the narcissists,
who bring nothing but pain,
they love nothing but them,
walk around proud and vain.

Love is for the abusers,
who you stupidly revered,
until you had no power,
and they were to be feared.

Love is for the you my dear,
but instead you gave it away,
so stop this toxic cycle,
love yourself, today is the day

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