Caged love

When I say prison
you think shackles, Bars and chains
Never do you think
of love, abuse and its shame

The countless nights,
She laid on that floor broken and crying,
Baby you love me, please,
Stop, please, i think im dying

Blow after blow,
She reminds herself its not really you,
Its only the alcohol,
Not something you would normally do.

The morning after,
She cries as she hides the bruises,
It will get better,
You’re just sick, not one who abuses

You love me deeply,
You say every time your sober,
So baby please,
Put down the bottle so this can be over.

You bring her flowers,
And say sorry a million times,
It was the booze not me,
I wouldnt hurt whats mine,

She believes it again,
Letting you back in to her heart and life,
Not knowing,
Loving you is a two edged knife

Your love is a captor,
Having mercy on none,
Make her believe,
She’s found the one

Your apologies get shorter,
The flowers disappear.
Suddenly its her fault,
Its her burden to bear

Gaslighting her,
making her think shes insane,
I bet you loved it,
that power of her, that reign.

Clothes, shoes, hair,
food, sleep, who to speak to,
everything you dictate,
every move she made, you knew

she saw your eyes,
how the love has turned to hate,
As you choked her again,
and she wonders if its too late

You love alcohol,
more than you could ever love me,
There was never a chance,
In our relationship, there was always three…

Is today the day,
You go too far, and its all over?
Someone please,
Tell my daughter, her mama loved her

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