Hush little baby

Hush little baby,
Dont cry too loud,
It’ll only hurt more,
Dont you dare make a sound,

Pull down your sleeves,
Never let anyone see,
The scars, the bruises,
The way its supposed to be

Hush little baby
Dont you ever say a word,
Remember after all,
You are a caged bird

Theres no mockingbird,
Like they teach us in the rhyme,
You are the little birdie,
In a cage doing its time

Hush little baby,
Don’t cry, the end is near,
Soon it’ll be over,
And there’ll be no burden to bear

You will be free,
There will be no tears,
You will live happy,
A life with no fears

No more hush little baby,
You are now grown,
You’re life is yours,
And not anyone else’s to own,

So scream out loud,
Yell your lungs out,
Remember you’re free,
Don’t there ever be a doubt

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