Reality check

Hey baby girl listen,
Its time you are told,
The truth and reality,
Shatter that warped mould,

It was never your fault,
You were never to blame,
They were animals,
With no respect or shame!

They say its love,
But I only see your bruises,
Its for your own good,
So why are the one who always loses?

A mothers love,
A fathers care,
You didnt ask for much,
None of this was fair

You deserved the world,
Happiness, love and more,
Not to be beaten,
Having your soul ripped raw

Im so sorry,
You was only a baby,
You really didnt deserve,
that violence and abuse daily

It was never your fault,
They just didn’t care,
This should have,
never been your burden to bear

Listen again as I say,
It was always them not you,
You was helpless,
There was nothing you could do

But now you’re older,
A queen who wears her crown,
They can’t touch you,
Never can they bring you down.

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