Can you not?

How many times do I fix,
my heart soul and mind?
What’s left to do,
tell me what’s left to find?

Can you not see,
this killer living in my head?
Taking over my life,
telling me i’m better off dead?

How did he move in,
start living there for free?
Just him depression,
and his wife anxiety?

Did you hear of their kindess
they brought with them gifts?
like self harm and panic attacks,
working like clockwork, on shifts?

Can you not hear,
That peircing sound?
Their voices screaming
will you ever be found?

How many times do i fix,
my heart soul and mind?
Whats left to do,
tell me whats left to find?

Can you not be mad
to know I let go?
I loved you all I promise,
I need you to know

A stomach filled with pills,
a noose on the side,
knife in hand,
theres nothing left to hide,

Its all over now,
whats the point of it all?
to build yourself up
to constantly just fall….

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