He told her he loved her,
she believed every word,
every promise he made,
she listened and heard.

Everytime he was inconsistent,
she brushed it away,
thinking this love,
its supposed to be this way.

Little by little,
she gives away her soul,
loving is worship,
so give it your whole.

Somebody please tell her,
that yes love is pain,
but this is a narcissist,
all this effort is in vain.

He doesn’t love you,
so much as he does the power,
continue loving him,
and your soul he’ll devour.

You need to learn your value,
dont let them win,
settling for anything less
would be the cardinal sin.

Dont devote yourself to anyone,
who doesn’t reciprocate the same,
you’re a warrior queen,
not a distressed dame.

The fairytales lied,
you don’t need no prince charming,
lift up your head,
Queen, its time you do the saving.

Save yourself from everything,
that doesn’t bring you joy,
say goodbye to everyone,
who treated you like a toy.

Know your true worth,
and how precious you are,
you may not have got there,
but you’re doing well so far.

The day you realise,
all you need is you,
you finally will be happy,
and love will be true.

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