She just wants…

She justs wants to be loved, to for once just be heard,
to fly free like a dove, with no limts or bounds,
be loved the way she should,to never hear a harsh word,
to just be understood, to finally for once be found.

Maybe she expects too much, the world hasn’t got much to give,
darling, life is such, if you care too much you’ll never live,
live for your own self, love every fibre of your being,
take care of your health, leave them all seeing.

seeing and wanting, hoping they could have your power,
hating yet admiring, being jealous every minute, every hour.
You want the perfect kind of love, yet darling don’t you see?
that iron fisted glove? that control you give up willingly?

You love those who can never, have love for you- more than them.
They can say say and do whatever, in your eyes they are a gem.
They will bring you down, make you free insecure,
give you a reason to frown, they ask you if you’re sure.

Someone with whom you can build and grow, whos holds you as you cry.
not someone who think its all a show, and is the reason you want to die.
Baby girl, can i tell you a thing? Listen up here,
listen to your heart as its sing, coz all the love you need is right there.

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