So i’m currently sitting, with a nice blankey wrapped around me to keep me warm. I’m craving a nice warm coffee, but doubt having coffee while having panic attacks would really help. As the doctors would say ‘caffeine will only stimulate and make my adrenaline run faster’ so coffee aside, lets talk about an issue that’s got nothing to do with me,instead of ranting or complaining i’m want to touch on something that applies to others as well.

Today’s topic is simple. I have made one like this in my previous blog site and quote it many times. But I think, no matter how much I talk about it or emphasise its importance: it needs to be vocalised again and again. It needs to be a constant reminder for each and every one of us battling our issues. Today’s topic is CRYING!

People say that they are weak because they cry- WRONG! Who says crying makes you strong? Crying is a sign of being alive. When babies are born, what does the doctor listen for? Crying. That cry is the first sign of being alive. Weakness? I think not, more like a proof of living.

Early morning, you are walking on the pavement, there is Ice on the road, the wind is blowing and the cold is bitter- what happens? Your eyes water. Does that make you weak? No. Yeah, it’s not crying, but its almost the same thing. You’re not weak. Its a natural instinct.

You fall down a flight of stairs, and you break your arm, you are in excruciating pain, and tears come down? Does that make you weak? No.

But somehow when we cry because of physical pain, it’s a little understandable, you don’t think it’s weakness, just something that comes with pain. I have a question, I want to ask today: ‘why are men expected not to cry?’  I mean, be realistic: men are humans, they get hurt, they feel pain, so why does society expect them to be the strong ones? Science say: women has double the pain receptors than men, yet have a higher pain tolerance. So then why don’t we don’t we expect woman to be the strong ones and the men should be the one’s allowed to cry?

Think of it this way: If you have a 1 litre bottle, put pour 2 liters of water into it, what happens? It overflows out. Same goes for you heart, pain fills up, and eventually it becomes too much and it spills out and tears trickle down. It happens people, tears come out because pain becomes too much and your heart needs to let it spill. So don’t take it to be a weakness, its a strength, you were strong for so long, as long as your physical self let you be, and you need to let it spill so more can fill up later.

So trust me when I say crying isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. Let the tears fall, wipe them, and keep your head up high. Every time you cry keep one thing in mind: It means you’ve been strong for long, and will be once you let some spill out. Stay strong, and message me if you need to chat x

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