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I just saw these on twitter right now… And it relates perfectly to my last post… 

Maybe i can turn my rant into something positive now i’m thinking a little clearer. And these four pictures can help me with this.

As humans, we have one thing instilled within us; survival instict. If your feeling cold, goosebumps and hair rising, if your feeling too hot, going red to release heat. The energy stores in your body that are there in case you need to eat. Antibodies to fight off infection. And tears when your heart has been hurt too much.

Your body has survival insticts, and when it is reaching a condition, that is different from it’s optimum or safe it gives you warning signs, this maybe blackouts, insomnia, depression. But your mind and body yells for you to notice somethings gone wrong and you need to do something. So yeah…. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. You are and have to be 1st priority in your life. Never forget that. No one comes before you. 

When people hurt you, you are allowed to walk away. Sometimes fighting isn’t the only option, sometimes giving them another chance is an option, but you don’t have. You can turn around and walk away. You don’t owe anyone but yourself. And you owe yourself the respect and choice to make your own decisions. If you wish to walk away, that decision is yours and yours alone, and no one has the right make you doubt or feel guilty about it. So if someones hurt you, turn around and walk away if you want. 
This is basically what my last blog post was about… Toxic relationships. (I know my last blog was a rant so i may take it down soon) Sometimes we love people so much, that no matter how bad they make us feel or how small we feel with them, we seem to accept it but still continue with them. Accept that its a part of them. But the truth is; we accept it because we fear. We fear loneliness. We fear we’ll be left alone if we let them go. But the truth is. Yeah, maybe you may get lonely in the early stages, but you find other people, people who respect you and value your worth. The only person stopping you from ending the presence of that toxic person in your life. Is you. So the day you stand up and walk away… You have done yourself a favour.

(Again this links back to my last post) you are allowed to be angry, selfish and unforgiving. I allow myself to feel that way. I don’t care if i sound like an absolute bitch for not forgiving. Some people say to move on you have to forgive. But i refuse to let go. Not because i want to continuously delve in sadness. But rather because the truth is: What they’ve done, and the impact its had on my life isn’t something small. Its not like they deprived me of a chocolate, or told me off once or twice. No, it’s much more than that. Its a life of childhood of bad parenting. The childhood with is supposed to be my foundation as a human, as an adult. They ruined that for me. So i will be selfish for a while longer and not forgive them. If they couldn’t be good parents, why have me in the first place? Its not like i was their first child… I was their 4th… So thats no excuse…

Anyways. Point is; you owe no one anything, but yourself. So yeah. Life for yourself and remember YOU OWE NO ONE! 


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