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Hey to anyone who reads this,

Right now i don’t know why i’m posting, but then again, who says there has to be a reason to post? For me the fact that my heart is full and my fingers are aching to type is a big enough reason. My mind is swarming with thoughts. But honestly, thinking is good, right? Well, most the times yeah.

So whats going on in my life? Well at the moment i’m sitting in a pretty cramped position, with barely any leg room craving a coffee. I’ve realised my caffeine dependence is increasing as the days go by, oh well. I have music in my ears, that is rather loud and probably disturbing, as I talk to people, trying to convince them to live. The reason i mentioned the last part of the description is because this post is on what you could actually say when you see suicidal messages on any social media platform. As I twitter search for people who need help, I’ve noticed 2 things that are repeatedly tweeted, and i’ll try and show you how maybe you can tackle them.

The first is:

‘Suicidal people are just angels that want to go home…’

I have read this too many times, and honestly, my heart goes out to them, because I know it it’s horrible to feel suicidal. But I also wanna say it honestly feels like suicide is being romanticized. I mean: yes you are angels, you are all wonderful people, but what you feel isn’t good, it means you need help, not ‘need to go home’, honestly this is home! But who am I to say that to someone? Honestly, if I did, i’d probably seem insensitive or it’d seem like i didn’t understand. So instead I try and step into their shoes and the best response i can give is:

Yeah you wanna go home, but you’re alive, so might aswell make the most of it. Home will always be there, think of life as a holiday, try and enjoy it as much as you can. Everyone has problems or issues they face on holiday, but what do they do? They don’t cut it short and return home, no they deal with them and continue to enjoy. Think of life as the same, don’t cut short this holiday (life) enjoy it and when it’s time to go, you’ll leave naturally.

So yeah, the next time you see such a message on tumblr, twitter, facebook or anywhere really. Try talking to them, say something similar to what i said, you might just save someones life.

The second thing i notice that comes up a lot is:

‘we’re just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide isn’t the answer’

What can you say to this? When I look at this tweet, it just breaks my heart. They can keep someone alive, but not themselves. The reply is simple: remember the reasons you give someone to stay alive, and remind yourself of them and keep yourself alive.

Honestly, most the times, people just need that someone to talk to, just to feel less lonely, but in loneliness comes desperation, and vulnerability. I have lived my life facing them, and now it’s my attempt to make sure if I can, no one else will feel the same.

So yeah, reach out and email or tweet me:


twitter- @rabzmap

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